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Curved barbell with spikes Gold plated curved barbell 5.00 Black curved barbell
Black curved barbell
Our Price: $5.29
14g curved barbell Curved barbell with dice Curved barbell with green dice
14g curved barbell
Our Price: $5.29
Baby blue curved barbell Pink dice curved barbell Clear dice curved barbell
Steel spiral twister Surgical steel circular with rainbow balls 16g blackline curved barbell
Steel spiral twister
Our Price: $5.29
16g curved retainer Blue dice curved barbell 20g Fixed Bead Hoop
16g curved retainer
Our Price: $5.29
20g Fixed Bead Hoop
Our Price: $5.29
18g Fixed Bead Ring 16g Fixed Bead Ring 16g curved barbell clear gem balls
18g Fixed Bead Ring
Our Price: $5.29
16g Fixed Bead Ring
Our Price: $5.29
16g curved barbell Iridescent gem balls 16g surgical steel curved barbell 14g Fixed Bead Ring
14g Fixed Bead Ring
Our Price: $5.79
Curved barbell with spikes 16g curve barbell with gem balls Curved barbell with blue spikes
Neon green curved barbell Steel dice curved barbell Curved Arrow Barbell
Curved Arrow Barbell
Our Price: $6.79
Dice twister spiral Pearl and gold barbell Pearl barbell
Dice twister spiral
Our Price: $6.89
Pearl and gold barbell
Our Price: $6.89
Pearl barbell
Our Price: $6.89